It Only Takes a Moment....

Back in my restaurant days, I worked under a chef who bore into us a phrase that has stuck to me as it has such a widerspread spread application: 'It Only Takes A Moment'.

Truth be told, in the business and dizziness of any one shift, where multitasking was a must, these moments became more clear when I would stop and take a moment to assess what would need to be done in the field of tables that I was waiting on.  Inevitably, the actions of taking the time to greet a customer, to put a toy in a homemade sippy cup for a toddler, or check back in with a customer who might have had a special dietary concern, made a huge impact not only on the gratuity but more importantly on the level of contentment for the diner which as well impacted those sitting around them, the quality of the work day, and whether they would come back.

I think about this phrase in my non-restaurant days, and realize that it is just as important now if not moreso, because the phrase serves the vast plain of the human heart and speaks of taking that moment to think outside of the 'me' and into the 'we' that life surrounds us with.

On many mornings, I take photos of my young son and send them along to his daddy, who although only five miles away at work,  feels as if he is a million of miles away from all of the firsts and the trillions of heartbeats and smiles that he has missed.  In capturing a moment digitally and passing it along, the day doesn't seem as long or as foreign for all of us. 

So, I urge you to take a moment, really, it does just take a moment, to reach out.  Get up out of your seat and greet the sun, call your mom or dad who you think might not be waiting by the phone but could actually be, greet a stranger with a hello or a smile and direct look in the eye, take a moment for yourself to tell yourself that you are indeed, smart, beautiful, creative and lovely, because all of these small acts become very big when you think about the unlimited number of moment there are in a day.